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Compact, high-definition thermal cameras for scientific applications

| By Mary Bailey

Flir Systems

The A8580 series of thermal-science cameras (photo) records blur-free images of high-speed targets, offers a wide range of precision, manual and motorized lenses, and integrates seamlessly with this company’s new Research Studio thermal-analysis software. This included software allows users to view the live camera image, record the image stream, and evaluate thermal data from multiple cameras and recorded sources simultaneously. Designed for a wide range of scientific and research and development applications, the A8580 series includes four midwave infrared models, as well as a longwave model that provides better uniformity and stability through cooldowns than similar longwave infrared (LWIR) cameras. This unique LWIR camera also offers wide temperature-calibration ranges, reducing the need for repeated testing to fully measure a high dynamic scene, and fast integration times.— FLIR Systems, Inc., Wilsonville, Ore.