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Compact AS-i modules save space in the control cabinet

| By Chemical Engineering



This company has developed extremely compact I/O (input/output) modules for AS-Interface (actuator-sensor interface; AS-i) with widths of just 17.5 and 22.5 mm. The new AS-i SlimLine compact modules (photo) are just half the width of the predecessor devices, and they save space in the control cabinet and in distributed control boxes. They possess new, practice-oriented functions, such as device connectors and switchable sensor supply, which surpass the previous functional scope. The 17.5-mm variants are said to be the slimmest AS-i modules currently on the market. The new series of AS-i SlimLine compact modules in degree of protection IP20 encompasses digital I/O modules as well as ASIsafe modules with safe inputs. It replaces the previous S22.5 and S45 SlimLine modules. The new AS-i SlimLine compact modules supplement the product range of AS-i field modules and they are suitable for initial installation, servicing, or whenever a change or expansion is made in a plant. — Siemens AG, Munich, Germany