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Comprehensive connectivity and monitoring for heat-trace systems

| By Mary Page Bailey and Gerald Ondrey

Genesis Network (photo) is a new system that provides site-wide operational awareness and supervisory control of heat-trace systems. Users can easily monitor, maintain and troubleshoot even the largest heat-trace systems that may include over 10,000 heat-trace circuits. The Genesis Network connects heat-trace controllers with the control room using wireless communications, presenting alarms, history and operational data via a browser-based interface accessible from any network-connected computer or mobile tablet. Utilizing an adaptive, self-healing wireless mesh network and event-driven communications, users experience realtime status reporting and responsive control of their heat-trace systems. The following new components work together to form the Genesis Network: Genesis Server, an on-premises or cloud-deployable server; Genesis Gateway, a communications device between the server and wireless mesh; and Genesis Bridge, a communications device between the mesh and heat-trace controllers. — Thermon Group Holdings, Inc., Austin, Tex.