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Comprehensive monitoring for heat-trace circuits

| By Chemical Engineering



The TraceNet Genesis control and monitoring system (photo) manages heat-trace circuit performance on process lines, tanks and instrumentation. The TraceNet Genesis system gives instant access to comprehensive heat-trace circuit information, including circuit performance history, fault analysis and circuit drawings. Using this information, maintenance personnel can predict failures or quickly restore operations, minimizing downtime. The TraceNet Genesis System provides instant on-panel access to heat-trace circuit performance trending and histories of up to six months for up to 72 heat-trace circuits. Until now, this capability was only available by networking back to a remote computer. A six-month history that reflects, for example, fluctuations or a steady decay in temperature could indicate that the system requires inspection to see whether the thermal insulation is being compromised or if an individual heater is not operating properly. By analyzing these data, engineers can assess the timing, process conditions and any undesirable symptoms as an early indicator of a future problem. — Thermon, San Marcos, Tex.