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Chemical Engineering

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Convey both lean and dense phase in same system

| By Mary Page Bailey and Gerald Ondrey

The VS pneumatic vacuum-conveying system (photo) automatically transfers bulk materials in a choice of lean or dense phase using the same conveying system. Featuring a designed-in ball valve in the feeding elbow, the conveyor can be operated in dense phase then switched on the fly to lean or dilute phase, or vice versa, by adjusting the ratio of air to vacuum at the valve. Switching from transferring light bulk density materials, such as flour, coffee or fused silica at high velocities in suspension to transferring heavier bulk-density materials or abrasives, such as salt, flyash or mixtures at gentle, low velocities is quick, easy, and does not require tools. The hygienic vacuum conveyor includes stainless-steel construction as standard, disassembles easily for cleaning, and is ATEX-certified as explosion-proof for safe transfer of ignitable powders. — Volkmann USA, Bristol, Pa.