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Convey dry materials with this pneumatic vacuum system

| By Chemical Engineering

Powered by compressed air, the Material Mover is a portable, inline vacuum system that was developed to transport materials. Commonly used to clean combines and seeders, the Material Mover is ideal for worGuardAir WCk in seed plants or mills where there is a critical need for clean equipment and a desire to avoid wasting product. Unlike traditional vacuums, the Material Mover does not damage the products it moves. Utilizing a patented supersonic nozzle, the Material Mover delivers superior performance by sucking up 1 to 2 ft3/min of dry material. The vacuum system features a 15-ft long, 2.5-in. dia. flexible vacuum hose and a 5-ft polycarbonate vacuum wand, so users can easily grab objects that are farther away. — Guardair Corp., Chicopee, Mass.