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CPI Booklist for March 2022

| By Scott Jenkins

March 2022: The following is a list of recently published books that may be of interest to professionals in the chemical process industries (CPI)

Overpressure Protection in the Process Industry: A Critical View. By Marc Hellemans, Elsevier Press, 2022, 396 pages, $200.00.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for EDGE Computing. Edited by Rajiv Pandey, Sunil Khatri, Neeraj Singh and Parul Verma, Elsevier Press, 2022, 232 pages, $170.00.

Sustainable Biochar for Water and Wastewater Treatment. Edited by Dinesh Mohan, Charles U. Pittman Jr. and Todd E. Misna, Elsevier Press, 2022, 950 pages, $200.00.

Process Engineering and Plant Design: The Complete Industrial Picture.  By Siddhartha Mukherjee, CRC Press-Taylor & Francis Group, 2021, 430 pages, $130.00.

No Standard Oil: Managing Petroleum in a Warming World.  By Deborah Gordon, Oxford University Press, 2022, 369 pages, $39.95.

Assessing Progress Towards Sustainability: Frameworks, Tools and Case Studies. Edited by Carmen Teodosiu, Silvia Fiore and Almudena Hospido, Elsevier Press, 2022, 395 pages, $160.00.

Carbon Dioxide Capture and Conversion: Advanced Materials and Processes. Edited by Sonil Nanda, Dai-Viet Vo, and Van-Huy Nguyen, Elsevier Press, 2022, 412 pages, $230.00.

Simulation and Optimization in Process Engineering: The Benefit of Mathematical Methods in Applications of the Chemical Industry. Edited by Michael Bortz and Norbert Asprion, Elsevier Press, 2022, 250 pages, $175.00.

Hydrogen Safety for Energy Applications: Engineering Design, Risk Assessment and Codes and Standards. Edited by Alexei Kotchourko and Thomas Jordan, Butterworth-Heinemann, 2022, 400 pages, $200.00.

Biomass, Biofuels, Biochemicals: Circular Bioeconomy: Technologies for Waste Remediation. Edited by Sunita Varjani, Ashok Pandey and others. Elsevier Press, 2022, 412 pages, $230.00.

Synthesis and Operability Strategies for Computer-Aided Modular Process Intensification. By Efstratios N. Pistikopoulos and Yuhe Tian, Elsevier Press, 2022, 362 pages, $190.00.

Innovations in Thermochemical Technologies for Biofuel Processing. Edited by Sonil Nanda and Dai-Viet Vo, Elsevier Press, 2022, 412 pages, $195.00.

Wearable Physical, Chemical and Biological Sensors: Fundamentals, Materials and Applications. Edited by Eden Morales-Narvaez and Can Dincer, Elsevier Press, 2022, 327 pages, $200.00.

Design, Modeling and Reliability in Rotating Machinery. Edited by Robert X. Perez, Wiley-Scrivener, 2022, 384 pages, $180.00.