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CPI Booklist: October 2022

| By Scott Jenkins, Chemical Engineering magazine

October 2022: The following are recently published books that may be relevant for professionals working in the chemical process industries (CPI). 

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Manufacturing: Nondestructive Creation. By Girish Malhotra, deGruyter Press, 2022, 317 pages, $94.99 (e-book).

Keys to Improving Safety in Chemical Processes. By Emerson Automation Solutions, Emerson, 2022, e-book, free of charge.

Exploring Industrial Water Reuse: Key Considerations for your Facility. By Kurita America, Kurita America Inc., 2022, e-book, free of charge.

Fundamentals of Industrial Problem Solving: A Practitioner’s Guide. By Zdravko Stefanov, Eldad Herceg, Carla Schmidt and others, Wiley and Sons Publishing, 2022, 400 pages, $128.00.

Moran’s Dictionary of Chemical Engineering Practice. By Sean Moran, Elsevier Press, 2022, 412 pages, $180.00.

Impact of Societal Norms on Safety, Health and the Environment: Case Studies in Society and Safety Culture. By Lee T. Ostrom, John Wiley and Sons Publishing, 2022. 704 pages, $165.00.

Integration and Optimization of Unit Operations: Review of Unit Operations from R&D to Production, Impacts of Upstream and Downstream Process Decisions. Edited by Barry Perlmutter, Elsevier Press, 2022, 462 pages, $200.00.

Safety and Health for Engineers 4th ed., By Roger L. Brauer, Wiley Publishing, 2022, 672 pages, $149.95.

Textile Dyes and Pigments: A Green Chemistry Approach. Edited by Pintu Pandit, Kunal Singh, Subhankar Maity and Shakeed Ahmed, John Wiley and Sons Publishing, 2022, 512 pages, $249.00.

Lignoellulose Bioconversion Through White Biotechnology. Edited by Anuj Kumar Chandel, John Wiley and Sons Publishing, 2022, 432 pages, $180.00.







Polymeric Corrosion Inhibitors for Greening the Chemical and Petrochemical Industry. Edited by Mohammad Jafar Mazumder, Mumtaz Quraishi, Wiley-VCH, 2022, 448 pages, $185.00.

Sustainability in Biofuel Production Technology. By Pratibha Agrawal, Pramod Belkhode and Samuel L. Rokhum, John Wiley and Sons Publishing, 2022, 368 pages, $185.00.