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CPI Bookshelf: September 2020

By Scott Jenkins, Chemical Engineering magazine |

The following is a list of recently published books with relevance to the chemical process industries (CPI):

Trevor Kletz Compendium: How his Best Process Stories are Still Relevant Today. Andy Brazier, Fiona MacLeod, David Edwards and others, Elsevier Press, 2020, 212 pages, $120.00.

Wastewater Treatment: Cutting Edge Molecular Tools, Techniques and Applied Aspects. Edited by Maulin Shah, Angana Sarkar and Sukhendu Mandal. Elsevier Press, 2020, 712 pages, $230.00.

Process Safety Management and Human Factors: A Practitioner’s Experiential Approach. By Waddah Ghanem, Butterworth-Heinemann, 2020, 212 pages, $120.00.

Ultra-High Temperature Thermal Energy Storage, Transfer and Conversion. By Alejandro Datas, Woodhead Publishing, 2020, 400 pages, $220.00.

Computer-Aided Design of Catalysts. Edited by Robert Becker and Carmo Pereira, CRC Press, 2020, 640 pages, $450.00 (electronic edition).

Introduction to SmartPlant® P&ID: The Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID) Handbook. By Jagadeesh Pandiyan, APJ Books, 2020, 414 pages, $124.95.

Frontiers in Spray Drying. By Nan Fu, Jie Xiao, Meng Wai Woo and Xiao Dong Chen, CRC Press, 2020, 112 pages, $112.00.

Introduction to Desalination: Systems, Processes and Environmental Impacts. Wiley-VCH Publishing, 2020, 408 pages, $135.00.

Heterogeneous Catalysis: Essentials for Chemical Engineers. By Abdullah Shaikh, DeGruyter Publishing, 2020, 252 pages, $74.99.

Profit Maximization Techniques for Operating Chemical Plants. By Sandip Kumar Lahiri, Wiley Publishing, 2020, 416 pages, $144.99.

Process Systems Engineering for Biofuels Development. Edited by Adrian Bonita-Petriciolet, Gade Pandu Rangaiah and Christian Stevens, Wiley Publishing, 384 pages, $144.99.

Catalyst Engineering Technology: Fundamentals and Applications. By Jean Beeckman, Wiley Publishing, 2020, 304 pages, $112.99.

New Dimensions in Production and Utilization of Hydrogen. Edited by Sonil Nanda, N. Vo Dai-Viet and Phuong Nguyen-Tri. Elsevier Press, 2020, 444 pages, $220.00.

Introduction to Engineering Heat Transfer. By G.F. Nellis and S.A. Klein. Cambridge University Press, 2020, 895 pages, $74.99.



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