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Cr-free corrosion inhibitors provide long-lasting protection

| By Mary Page Bailey and Gerald Ondrey

This company’s chromium-free corrosion-inhibiting technology, Intelli-ion, utilizes novel active ingredients, which are attached onto a smart micro-reservoir system and react “on demand” to corrosive activity. Unlike zinc phosphate, which causes harmful algal blooms through leaching, the Intelli-ion product range does not leach out into the environment. The Intelli-ion technology protects metal assets when used in primers and meets the strictest environmental standards and requirements. The anti-corrosive materials are said to protect metals for up to ten times longer than alternative products via three modes of electro-chemical protection. The protection response is fast and highly effective: pigments lay dormant in the micro-reservoir system until they can sense corrosion activity and subsequently release the inhibitor on demand. The system is also non-encapsulated, allowing greater flexibility and performance when working with ultra-fine particle sizes. — Hexigone Inhibitors Ltd., Port Talbot, U.K.