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Customizable mobile totes for biopharmaceutical applications

| By Mary Page Bailey and Gerald Ondrey

This company has introduced the KDT series of configurable knockdown mobile totes (photo) for the storage, holding or transfer of fluids in life science and biopharmaceutical applications. KDT mobile totes are suitable for solution preparation, storage and transport, bulk harvest, product pooling and bulk intermediate-hold applications. They are manufactured under an ISO 9001 quality-management system for cleanroom use, and their all-plastic, USP Class VI construction meets cGMP and FDA requirements. The totes come in 100- to 500-L sizes and they are easily bundled with single-use bags, tubing, pumps and other accessories. The KDT knockdown mobile totes feature fast, simple assembly and positive-lock bottom drains for most bag brands. The totes’ flat, smooth surfaces limit mold crevices and enable easy cleaning. Their self-contained knockdown design permits tote storage in its own base. Furthermore, the units are stackable to maximize footprint utilization in-use or stored. — Terracon Corp., Franklin, Mass.