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Customized process vessels and mixing systems

| By Chemical Engineering

Pope Scientific

Pope Scientific

This company’s pressure vessels and integrated mixing/processing systems (photo) are used in production, pilot plants and laboratories for processing, reacting or blending specialty chemicals, adhesives, coatings, biomaterials recycling and more. High-quality materials, welding and finishing assure integrity and validation in sanitary, ultra-high purity and hazardous applications. ASME stamping is standard; CE/PED and other certifications available. Options may include various mixer types, pumps, plumbing and valve manifolds, instrumentation, controls, filters, lifts, heating/cooling systems, skid mounting and other features. They are fabricated with 316L stainless steel; other alloys, such as Hastelloy, finishing levels and coatings are also available. Custom designed complete turnkey skid-mounted systems, from 1 to 1,000 L, are offered. — Pope Scientific, Inc., Saukville, Wis.