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Dependable shutoff in severe service

| By Chemical Engineering


Clampseal throttling valves (photo) are appropriate for use in severe-service applications that require precise repeatable flow control and dependable shutoff. The valve’s Venturi is an integral part of the removable seat. Both the seat and the stem assembly are easily changed inline should modified flow characteristics be required or replacement necessary due to excessive corrosion or erosion. The orifice is sized to keep fluid velocity across the seat below damaging levels. The exit orifice angle is designed to minimize downstream piping erosion and noise. The pressure-seal bonnet provides ready access for servicing with no welds to cut or seal rings or gaskets to replace. The body-to-bonnet joint integrity is maintained through countless thermal cycles. The durable, single-piece stainless-steel gland contributes to the longevity of the valve. — Conval, Enfield, Conn.