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This device reduces costs for compressed air

| By Chemical Engineering

Parker Hannifin

Parker Hannifin

This company’s Air Saver Unit (photo), previously released in Europe and Asia, is now available in North America. The Air Saver Unit is suitable for use in both new and existing factory-floor air-nozzle and air-gun applications that allow uncontrolled blow-offs. The device generates a rapid pulse of air rather than a continuous flow, which, according to the manufacturer, reduces compressed-air costs by as much as 40–50% over typical constant-flow applications. Unlike a continuous stream of air, the pulsed-air blow strikes the work repeatedly, improving the efficiency of the air blow for drying and removing debris. The Air Saver can be easily installed into existing pneumatic systems with no additional programming required for the process logic controller (PLC). — Parker Hannifin Corp., Cleveland, Ohio