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This dosing system reduces exposure to materials

| By Chemical Engineering

Shackelford Services

Shackelford Services

The Sure Dose portable dosing system (photo) allows for safer dosing of materials from smaller feed tanks to larger batch or mix tanks. Since the system requires no lifting or suspension of the drum, operator exposure to the materials being transferred is reduced. Utilizing differential-pressure technology, the closed system allows dosing of most liquids, such as biocides, acids and caustics. Since the Sure Dose unit does not utilize delicate load cells, it does not require the supply drum to be elevated, and it can be placed on the floor while dispensing the material. Operators can dispense liquids using various units of measure, such as level, volume or mass, via the user-friendly interface. To ensure compatibility, the dosing system is available with different materials of construction. Available options include an automated control system, along with LED indicator lights for unit status, sensor extension cables and data-logging capabilities. — Shackelford Services LLC, Olive Branch, Miss.