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These dryers feature a versatile base to accommodate auxiliaries

| By Chemical Engineering



This company’s rugged fluid-bed dryers feature unitary steel bases as standard, which allow cover-lift hoists, process-air ductwork, control panels, monitoring instrumentation and other auxiliary equipment to be attached to the system as a single unit. Providing a dedicated, non-moving foundation, the bases ease process integration, add flexibility for installation and ensure that ancillary support systems may be installed on the same footprint, rather than set separately or left unspecified. Developed for use with vibrating fluidized-bed drying and cooling systems that process foods, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, minerals, plastics and other products, the support bases are carefully weighted to minimize vibratory reaction forces and to permit installation on mezzanines, light steel structures and on other above-grade locations. The bases may be fitted with secondary isolation elements to further reduce vibratory reaction forces and may be mounted on casters for mobility without affecting stability. — Witte Co., Washington, N.J.