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A dust collector with an energy-saving cleaning system

| By Chemical Engineering


Schenck Process

Schenck Process

Requiring no integrated plant air to function, the MCF PowerSaver dust collector (photo) generates energy cost-savings of up to 50% over conventional high-pressure pulse-jet or reverse air-cleaning systems, says the company. The MCF is built to handle heavy dust loads, including abrasive materials, and comes in configurations to fit most industrial air-quality applications. With a patented, controlled cleaning system, the MCF PowerSaver aligns the cleaning arm and bag segments, which positions the air nozzles to fire directly into the bags. No air is wasted, resulting in reduced energy consumption and extended filter-bag life. The MCF PowerSaver operates with medium-pressure cleaning air (7–9 psig) and provides cleaning capacities up to 250,000 ft3/min. Additionally, the MCF PowerSaver handles extreme environments where temperatures can reach over 500˚F. — Schenck Process LLC, Kansas City, Mo.