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Electrical pressure generator for portable automatic calibrations

| By Mary Page Bailey and Gerald Ondrey

The ePG (photo) is a new electrical pressure pump for industrial pressure-calibration applications. The ePG is a robust, portable, battery-operated pressure pump that enables easy and quick pressure generation from near vacuum up to 20 bars (300 psi). With a field-replaceable, long-lasting battery pack, users can perform a large number of pressure calibrations on a single charge. The ePG can be used together with any existing pressure calibrator, meaning users do not need to buy a new calibrator but can simply replace their manual hand pump with the ePG. It is very intuitive to operate, with coarse and fine adjustment buttons to easily generate the required pressure. When the ePG is used together with the MC6 family of calibrators, it enables fully automatic pressure calibration. — Beamex, Inc., Marietta, Ga.