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Embedded anomaly detection improves cybersecurity

| By Chemical Engineering

Bedrock  Automation

Bedrock Automation

This company’s Open Secure Automation (OSA) products (photo) will now include intrinsic anomaly detection (AD) as standard integrated functionality that continuously monitors the controller’s network and system time to detect intrusions and abnormal behavior. The AD system includes dynamic port-connection monitoring, which records all attempts to connect any controller or communication point and captures identifying information on the intruder, as well as network port scanning, which detects if hackers are scanning for open ports that might provide access to the control network. System time is also monitored to detect attempts to manipulate log files to conceal malicious activity. A cryptographic engineering key lock permits only users with valid user credentials to change the configuration and operation mode of the controller. The AD system also logs all detected anomalies and exports them for historian, alarming and trending functions. — Bedrock Automation, San Jose, Calif.