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End-to-end thin client solutions from Zone 1 to the control room

| By Chemical Engineering


Designed for reliable performance in harsh environments, especially outdoor applications in Zone 1/21, the VisuNet IXD (photo) is one of the lightest human-machine interface (HMI) workstations in the industry at 23 kg. One essential advantage of this HMI system is its modular design. The display, power supply, and computer/thin client allow the operator to put together the components as required and replace individual sections in case of a fault. This facilitates on-site maintenance and reduces costs associated with downtime. Several mounting options are available. The portfolio is rounded off by the VisuNet Control Center, a software package for the seamless, centralized management of thin clients — from Zone 1 to the control room. The RM Shell 5 firmware is available for all VisuNet devices. This allows a complete thin client solution for the process industry — from BTCs in the control room to remote monitors such as the VisuNet IXD in Zone 1/21. — Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH, Mannheim, Germany