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Energy-harvesting sensors power this steam-system monitoring platform

| By Mary Page Bailey

This company has launched a new generation of its steam-trap monitoring (STM) system, which is designed to deliver predictive maintenance for large-scale steam system applications. STM is a unique batteryless IoT system for steam traps that involves this company’s batteryless Ever-sensors connecting to a wireless IoT gateway using the Evernet 2.0 wireless network. With core advances in ultra-low-power electronics, system-level design, and wireless networking, it is possible to indefinitely power Eversensors from harvested energy, thereby removing the need for batteries. Doing so enables users to cost-effectively monitor industrial assets at scale. The newest-generation technology delivers wireless non-line-of-sight communication up to 250 m (820 ft), providing complete coverage of a larger percentage of steam traps with far fewer gateways required throughout a facility. With real-time insights across an entire steam system, operations and maintenance personnel can address failures as they occur. — Everactive, Santa Clara, Calif.