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Chemical Engineering

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An enhanced polymer for wear-resistant applications

| By Mary Page Bailey and Gerald Ondrey

Bearing, Plate, Engine, Equipment, Machine Part

This company has upgraded its Thermec range of enhanced polymers, with the introduction of a cost-efficient product based on polyether ether ketone (PEEK), blended with a solid polymeric lubricant. The new material has been specially developed to replace polyamide-imides (PAI), without impacting performance. Thermec K is an experimental product that has been developed at this company’s laboratory in Mumbai, India, a major market for friction- and wear-resistant materials (photo). The material is suitable for numerous industrial applications, including bushings and bearings, aerospace parts, pump and valve components, medical instrument parts and food-processing-machinery components. In addition to having tribological properties comparable to PAI, Thermec K can be processed using a standard injection-molding procedure. — DOMO Chemicals GmbH, Leuna, Germany