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An expanded analytics platform for infrastructure management

| By Chemical Engineering


This company has added two new IIoT solutions to its Plantweb Insight data analytics platform (photo). The new Plantweb Insight Network Management application provides continuous, centralized monitoring of WirelessHART networks. This first-of-its-kind application provides a singular, consolidated view of the status of all wireless networks in a facility, with embedded expertise and guidance for advanced network management. A key feature of the Plantweb Insight Network Management application is a configurable mesh network diagram, which provides visualization of network design and connections, along with device-specific information. It also provides an exportable record of system log alerts, network details outlining conformance to network best practices and more. While the new network-management application provides a holistic look at wireless networks, the Plantweb Insight Power Module Management application drills down to the device level, allowing facilities to keep their wireless devices appropriately powered so that they can continuously transmit key monitoring data. — Emerson, Austin, Tex.