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Expanded modular line of canned-motor pumps

| By Chemical Engineering


This company has expanded its range of modular V-Line canned-motor pumps (photo) for the chemical and petrochemical industries. In addition to new accessories and more individualized documentation, the V-Line’s performance range now also includes compatibility with aggressive media and lower fluid temperatures down to –50°C. In conjunction with modified bearing clearance, the V-Line is also suitable for pumping any type of potentially explosive refrigeration media. Previously, the units were available in stainless-steel or cast-steel design. Now, cast-steel housings can also be combined with stainless-steel impellers. The product range is suitable for application with pumping heads from 12 to 295 m; volumetric flowrates from 1.0 to 130 m³/h; fluid temperatures from –50 to 120°C; power ratings from 8 to 48 kW; and pressure ratings from 16 to 40 bars. — Hermetic-Pumpen GmbH, Gundelfingen, Germany