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Explosion-proof blenders for large-batch processes

| By Chemical Engineering



The E8815 stainless-steel, large-batch explosion-proof blender (photo) is manufactured to Class I, Div. I, Groups C & D explosion-proof electrical rating. ATEX ratings and non-explosion-proof models are also available. These blenders are designed for pharmaceutical and chemical-blending applications. Additional options include the following: jacketed containers available for use with refrigerated or heated circulators; temperature sensors; thermal camera; and several standard blending assemblies. E8815 blender models range from 10 to 25 gal in volume, with stainless-steel exteriors and standard powder-coat finish available. Servo-controlled blending-container auto lift and pour functionality makes large-batch processing easier to control and integrate. — Eberbach Corp., Ann Arbor, Mich.