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Explosion-protected products are now CCC-compliant

| By Mary Page Bailey and Gerald Ondrey

To secure access to the Chinese market, this company has obtained the China Compulsory Certification (CCC) for its product groups that are subject to this directive. This means that the company can continue to export its range of explosion-protected products to China with no restrictions and allows them to be implemented in customer-specific explosion-protection solutions at industrial sites in China. The CCC directive is comparable to the European new legislative framework for standardizing product quality. CCC certificates are issued by authorized test bodies. Since October 2020, the scope of the directive has been expanded to include a number of explosion-protected devices, which would no longer be allowed to be imported into China or put into circulation in China without corresponding Ex and CCC markings. Among other articles, this new regulation affects explosion-protected motors and pumps, power distribution boards, control and terminal boxes, operating terminals (photo), fieldbus systems and other automation products. — R. Stahl AG, Waldenburg, Germany