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Feeder boasts up to 75% greater speeds than standard feeders

| By Chemical Engineering

This AC Series of Hi-Speed Feeders has been designed for exceptionally high speed feeding — up to 75% greater than standard feeders — of light, bulky materials. These feeders boast greater economy and efficiency in mixing, weighing, batching, packaging and bagging operations and are ideal for use in conjunction with many weigh scale and packaging machines.The Hi-Speed Feeders’ spring-system design consists primarily of an elastomeric torsion spring with high damping properties that allow the feeders to tolerate high deflections without the danger of early failure. The spring system also has quick stopping characteristics due to the rapid decay of vibratory energy when the unit is de-energized, which is useful in product applications such as packaging, where overruns of material cannot be tolerated. Tuning, when required, is accomplished through simple replacement of an easily accessible, glass-fiber tuning spring. No other adjustment is necessary. — Eriez, Erie, Pa.