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FG treatment

| By Chemical Engineering

American Municipal Power-Ohio (AMP-Ohio; Columbus) plans to use the emissions-control technology of Powerspan Corp. (Portsmouth, N.H.; on the proposed AMO Generating Station Project. The project — a 1,000 MW pulverized-coal power plant — is under development near the Ohio river in southern Meigs County, Ohio.

Developed and patented by Powerspan, the multi-pollutant control technology — trade named Electro Catalytic Oxidation (ECO) — is said to achieve outlet emissions levels at or below those of best available control technologies while producing fertilizer as a co-product instead of gypsum produced by traditional limestone-scrubbing technologies. In addition, the ECO system will be designed with features that allow for future expansion to make the plant “CO2 capture ready,” says Powerspan. The ECO system will remove sulfur dioxide, mercury and particulate matter from the fluegas of the proposed plant.