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First cell-culture system madefrom a plant-based material

| By Mary Page Bailey

CellScrew is a patented cell-cultivation system for biotechnology laboratories, which is constructed fully of plant-based materials — a first for the industry. At launch, there are two different versions that differ in the size of the growth surface: the CS10k with over 10,000 cm² surface area and the CS6k with over 6,000 cm². There are significant efficiency advantages and a reduced CO2 footprint for users when using this novel cell-culture vessel compared to existing market solutions. Due to the large growth surface and easy handling of the CellScrew, personnel requirements and production space are reduced. At the same time, the user can save around 90% CO2 emissions compared to conventional multi-tray stacking systems, says the manufacturer. — Green Elephant Biotech GmbH, Giessen, Germany