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A flow switch and monitor in a single device

| By Chemical Engineering

Fluid Components International

Fluid Components International

The dual-function FS10i flow switch/monitor (photo) delivers two functions in a single instrument. It is particularly useful in gas-flow safety-related applications (including those with hazardous gases) because it is designed to provide a dependable high- or low-trip point alarm, says the manufacturer. It also includes an analog 4–20-mA output signal and operates over a wide flow range in air or gas from 0.25 to 400 ft/s and in water from 0.01 to 0.5 ft/s with a repeatability of±0.5% of reading. Configured in the field, the FS10i eliminates additional calibration costs. The FS10i flow switch/monitor’s analog output enables flow trending that can provide an early warning of clogged filters, pipe fitting leaks, wearing seals, pump problems and other causes of flow disruptions before system shutdown. The FS10i is designed for insertion into 0.5-in. (13 mm) or larger pipes and square ducts. — Fluid Components International LLC (FCI), San Marcos, Calif.