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Flushing ring reduces maintenance of DP measurements

| By Gerald Ondrey

The Rosemount 319 Flushing Ring with valve-integrated design (photo), ensures accurate differential pressure (DP) measurement and lower maintenance. Available in traditional and compact options, the new 319 Flushing Rings provide a process-to-seal connection and allow for faster diaphragm-seal maintenance without disconnecting them from process flanges. The traditional design utilizes a flow-through cleaning action and can be sized to fit almost any application. Configurations are offered with a choice of ball valves, needle valves or gate valves, and in multiple materials, flange types, sizes and ratings. The compact design removes residual build-up quickly, cleaning five times faster over 30% more surface area and 50% fewer leak points than other flushing rings. — Emerson, Shakopee, Minn.