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Chemical Engineering

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Focus on Analyzers

| By Gerald Ondrey

A next-generation gas detector for finding leaks

The new Metrex gas-detection instrument (photo, p. 19) is designed for pre-localization, localization and classification of leaks in natural gas distribution networks. The user interface ensures the Metrex is suitable for first-responder technicians who handle suspected gas leaks. Other key applications include bar-hole gas measurement testing, purged gas lines and enclosed-space monitoring. The Metrex is significantly reduced in size compared to its predecessor and is also 50% lighter. Gas measurements are displayed on screen to the user and easy to understand. The IP65-certified ingress rating adds to the robustness of the instrument when operating in adverse weather conditions. ATEX certified (II 2 G Ex db ib IIB T4 Gb), the new Metrex has been classified to be safely operated in designated hazardous locations. Unlike traditional flame-ionization detectors, the Metrex does not require a technician to carry calibration gas cylinders, because it can perform a user calibration in air. It detects and measures gas ranges from 0 to 10,000 parts per million (ppm). — QED Environmental Systems, Ltd., Coventry, U.K.