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Chemical Engineering

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Focus on Analyzers

| By Gerald Ondrey

Transmitter-style GC measures sulfur and natural gas energy

The Rosemount 700XA gas chromatograph (GC; photo) is said to be the industry’s first single analyzer for measuring sulfur compounds, as well as the energy content of natural gas. The analyzer offers a cost-effective approach to meet gas-quality and heating-value requirements for pipeline distribution, processing of liquified natural gas (LNG), mixed and high-purity natural gas liquids (NGLs), as well as international LNG commerce. While previous generations of GCs have required the purchase of separate analyzers for sulfur measurement and heating-value analysis, the new Rosemount 700XA gas chromatograph is equipped with a micro-flame photometric detector (FPD), allowing users to reduce initial equipment cost by as much as 50% and footprint requirements by up to 40%, says the manufacturer. The 700XA is a Class 1, Division 1, explosion-proof, ATEX/IECEX safety-rated analyzer, eliminating instrument air requirements for purging or the need for additional protection. — Emerson Automation Solutions, Shakopee, Minn.