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Chemical Engineering

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Focus on Analyzers

| By Gerald Ondrey

Determining gas and fluid migration in oil-well cements

The Model 5265 mechanical gel-strength analyzer (MGSA; photo) directly measures the gel strength development of oil-well cement slurries under downhole conditions. The analyzer allows oil service companies and operators to optimize cement slurries and accurately determine the potential for gas and fluid migration between the casing and formation. The Model 5265 MGSA simulates dynamic slurry conditioning during the placement and transition phase of the cement slurry. The unique analyzer design includes a precision motor coupled with a reaction force transducer that allows the instrument to precisely measure phase changes. The system includes a single-cylinder Quizix Q5120 pump to allow for pulse-free pressure operation. Pulse-free pressure prevents test anomalies induced by pump strokes and quick pressure spikes. — Chandler Engineering, Broken Arrow, Okla.