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Chemical Engineering

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Focus on Analyzers

| By Gerald Ondrey

A powerful GC-MS for research and development needs

Addressing the need for increased flexibility, speed and accuracy in research applications, a new gas-chromatography (GC) high-resolution mass spectrometer (MS) has been introduced with “unrivalled” mass resolving power, sensitivity and wide dynamic range. With the latest system architecture and instrument control software, the system provides simple yet powerful data acquisition capabilities, addressing the most demanding analytical challenges. The Orbitrap Exploris GC 240 MS (photo) has a resolving power of 240,000. By delivering both quantitative and qualitative information from a single injection, the new system enables precise and comprehensive compound identification, allowing researchers to make fast and accurate discoveries. The Orbitrap Exploris GC 240 MS also provides the flexibility to tackle a diverse range of analytical challenges, from identifying unknown contaminants and extractables and leachables, to applied quantification and metabolomics. — Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., Austin, Tex.