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Focus on Packaging and Transportation

| By Suzanne Shelley


The Kurz Group

The Kurz Group

These barcodes allow for hidden authenticity features

Barcodes are routinely printed in black, using thermal transfer printing (TTR), on machines, replacement and automotive parts, chemical and building materials, printed circuit boards and pharmaceutical packaging. Barcodes printed using this company’s TTR Unique Verospec thermal transfer ribbons (photo) combine special customizable coatings to provide hidden, machine-readable authenticity features that help protect original items and reveal counterfeit products. By scanning these barcodes (with their unique fingerprints) with a special reader, the authenticity of the labeled product can be verified unequivocally, says the company. Different variants of TTR Unique Verospec can be used for different delivery units or product variants, allowing the authenticity of the goods to be checked at every station of the supply chain. — The Kurz Group, Fürth, Germany