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Focus on Packaging and Transportation

| By Suzanne Shelley




Marchesini Group

Marchesini Group

This compact machine combines labeling, cartoning

The Track Pack machine (photo) is an all-in-one solution for the tamper-evident aggregation, packing and serialization of pharmaceutical products. This compact machine (with a footprint of 3.5-x-2.3 m 2) comes with the company’s case packer PS 300 and labeler BL A415. Track Pack is versatile, allowing users to mount tamper-evidend heads or to apply self-adhesive, tamper-proof seals on the closure corners of the carton or labeling heads. The conveyor assembly includes a patented timing device that sets the cartons apart correctly on the adjustable, toothed, slip-proof belts. The Track Pack system is able to serialize and group every kind of box and carton for both pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry products, at a production rate of 120 cartons and 4 cases per minute, according to the company. — Marchesini Group, Pianoro, Italy