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Focus on Packaging and Transportation

| By Suzanne Shelley

One-stop shopping for international transportation

This company specializes in managing the complex logistics that are associated with managing liquid goods, to ensure the sustainable handling of resources, the precise forecasting of requirements, and efficient international and intermodal route planning. Targeted products and consulting services are available related to track-and-trace capabilities, vendor-inventory management, geofencing, smart tank management and other forms of supply chain solutions. For example, the company’s Smart Tank sensors report temperature deviations, while its track-and-trace capabilities provides information on journey time deviations. The company’s Geofencing capabilities proactively tell customers the expected loading and unloading times, while the company’s Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) supports smooth, fully automated logistics, delivery notes, certificates, invoicing and more. In-house expertise is available to help companies develop digital solutions related to intermodal supply chains. — Hoyer Group, Hamburg, Germany