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Focus on Packaging and Transportation

| By Suzanne Shelley



Advanced packaging safeguards machined parts

Protecting newly manufactured metal parts from rust and corrosion is a top priority for manufacturers and metalworkers who want their goods to arrive in excellent condition. Cortec VpCI papers, films and boxes are enhanced with vapor-phase corrosion-inhibiting technology (photo) to limit exposure to oxygen and moisture. Instead of applying greasy rust-prevention materials — a time-consuming and messy step — the producer of the part can simply wrap clean, dry and freshly machined parts in a sheet of VpCI paper or film, or place them in VpCI boxes. When the parts arrive at their destination, they are taken out of their packaging corrosion-free and ready to use. To guard against damage from oxygen and moisture exposure, the vapor-phase corrosion inhibitor molecules in the packaging evaporate and condense, forming an invisible, protective layer on the surface of the metal objects enclosed within the packaging. Once the machined part is removed from the package, the protective layer evaporates off the surface, with no extra step required. The used film and packaging can then be recycled. A broad array of standard and customizable paper and film variations are available, as needed. — Cortec Corp., St. Paul, Minn.