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Former Clariant executive named CEO of Locus Bio-Energy Solutions

| By Mary Bailey

Jon Rogers, a global oilfield executive who served in senior roles at BP and Clariant, has been named CEO of Locus Bio-Energy Solutions (, a disruptive technology company whose unique biochemical-based production and drilling fluid chemistries are increasing oil production and safety, and attracting top industry talent.

Rogers brings substantial experience in the oil business and takes charge of Locus Bio-Energy as it plans additional expansion in key oil basins. Among Rogers’ first responsibilities will be to open and staff new facilities in the Houston area to support growth throughout the US, with focus on the Permian basin.

Locus Bio-Energy has more than doubled its employees in the past year, with Rogers being the most high-profile hire to date. Since its founding in 2015, the company has recruited a team with decades of experience in the oil & gas industry, including technical experts from some of the most admired companies in the sector such as Shell and BP.

Oil companies across the U.S. are expressing interest in Locus Bio-Energy’s innovative bio-chemical treatment programs that substantially increase oil and gas production. The patent-pending technologies are safe, easy to use and customizable for each application—ultimately maximizing the production rates and lifespans of both horizontal and vertical oil wells. Additional strategic hires will be made to meet the growth demands, with initial expansion focused on the Houston area.

“Locus Bio-Energy produces truly innovative, environmentally-friendly bio-chemistries that are safer, less toxic and crucially more effective than the traditional oilfield chemicals in use today,” Rogers said. “This is a tremendous opportunity to be part of a technical revolution in the oil industry. I’m honored to lead this exceptional organization, and to continue growing its group of creative, dedicated and talented professionals.”

Andrew Lefkowitz, Chairman and CEO of Locus Bio-Energy’s parent company, Locus Fermentation Solutions, said that attracting talented executives such as Rogers is yet another example of Locus Bio-Energy’s increasing presence in the sector.

“Having someone with Jon’s background and accomplishments is a testament to the potential of our technology,” Lefkowitz said. “I am 100 percent positive that he is going to build a team of industry experts that that will allow our IP to be adopted up and down the oilfield value chain.”

Before joining Locus Bio-Energy, Rogers was global head of BL Oil Services at Clariant and had overall P&L leadership and responsibility for operations throughout 76 countries. His prior experience also includes leadership positions such as Global Technology Director at BP, where he reported directly to the multinational’s Chief Technology Officer. Originally from the United Kingdom, Rogers is a Fellow of the prestigious Royal Society of Chemistry. He holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of Liverpool and an MBA from the University of Durham.