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Gas metering for extruded plastic-foam production

| By Chemical Engineering



The Plastinum DSD 400 gas-metering system (photo), designed for extruded-plastic-foam manufacturing, provides precise amounts of liquid CO2 or gaseous N2 during the extrusion process to help optimize foaming and reduce density. The system’s ability to quickly react to constantly changing pressure fluctuations at the extruder enables stable extrusion processes and delivers consistent foam structures during continuous extrusion foaming, says the manufacturer. This allows users to minimize, or sometimes even eliminate, the use of flammable hydrocarbons. The DSD 400 handles pressures up to 5,081 psi (400 bars) and can pump liquid CO2 through the control valve at a constant rate at speeds up to 66 lb/h (30 kg/h). The system features a high-performance compressor, mass flowmeters and a dynamic control valve, and its lightweight and compact design simplifies installation. — Linde LLC, Bridgewater, N.J.