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These gear pumps have built-in pressure control

| By Chemical Engineering

Clark Solutions

Clark Solutions

Series UP6 electric gear pumps (photo) feature the option for built-in pressure control, whereby a factory-programmed pressure setting is maintained via a microprocessor-based variable pump-speed control circuit that utilizes an internal pressure sensor for loop feedback. UP6 pumps are self-priming and come equipped with 12- or 24-V d.c. motors. The pumps can handle flowrates as high as 6.9 gal/min, and pressures up to 29 psi, making them appropriate for small water- and chemical-processing systems. The pumps feature helical bronze gears, a nickel-plated brass body and stainless-steel shaft. The operating temperature range for UP6 pumps is 14 to 140°F. Suitable pumping media include water or diesel fuel with viscosity between 2 and 5.35 cSt. A 250–400 μm filter is recommended for applications where the fluid media contains particles. — Clark Solutions, Hudson, Mass.