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GF Piping and neustark partnering on CO2 removal and storage projects

| By Mary Bailey

GF Piping Systems (Schaffhausen, Switzerland) has started a collaboration with neustark (Bern, Switzerland), a climate tech company specializing in removing CO2 from the atmosphere and permanently storing it in demolition concrete.

To limit the increase in global average temperature to 1.5°C as set out by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), it is necessary to reach net zero by 2050. Achieving net zero not only requires massive emissions reductions, but also the removal of significant amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere. Neustark, a carbon removal provider based in Switzerland, has developed a promising technology: the company captures CO2 from biogas plants and then mineralizes it in demolition concrete, permanently binding the CO2. This results in negative emissions.

GF Piping Systems is supplying products for CO2 removal systems (Source: GF Piping)

Neustark also explores other methods of permanently storing CO2. One of the projects involves mineralizing CO2 in residual water from concrete production. This is achieved with a modular container at the concrete recycling plant. To build a complete solution for measurement, control, and Process Automation, neustark teamed up with GF Piping Systems. Apart from PVC components, GF Piping Systems provided products ranging from sensors for parameters such as pressure, pH, and tank levels, to a plastic Butterfly Valve 565 with a pneumatic actuator that controls the flow of the residual water. The multi-parameter transmitter 9950 closes the control loop, ensuring seamless process automation.

The collaboration between the two companies extends to the cross-border research project ACCSESS. This four-year project aims to produce technologies, tools and plans that enable widespread carbon capture and storage deployment in Europe. Within it, neustark is testing indirect carbonization methods to store CO2. Here too, GF Piping Systems is providing components for prototype technologies as well as expertise in building complex piping solutions.

Martin Früh, Business Development Manager Process Automation at GF Piping Systems, comments: “Soon after taking up the discussion with neustark, we sponsored some parts for testing and have now completed first orders. The solution they developed is promising and comes with great scaling potential.”

Dominik Roth, Global Business Development Manager Sustainability at GF Piping Systems, adds: “To limit climate change, reducing emissions has to become the global priority. However, reaching climate targets relies on removing atmospheric carbon too; GF Piping Systems is proud to contribute to this endeavor.”