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Chemical Engineering

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Green H2O2 generation enables safe and chemical-free AOP

| By Gerald Ondrey

The HPGen (photo) uses only air, electricity and water as inputs to produce 99.999% pure hydrogen peroxide directly on site. This is done through the company’s patented on-site peroxide-generation technology. The output H2O2, tradenamed Peroxide UltraPure, can be used in conjunction with an ultraviolet (UV) reactor in an advanced oxidation process (AOP), to remove all trace organic compounds from water. AOP solutions typically require transport, handling, storage and management of toxic chemicals on site. The HPGen, on the other hand, provides a solution that eliminates chemical input. Output and in-line concentration are readily measurable and controllable. HPGen works automatically and with no need for user intervention — it is remotely monitored, making it essentially plug-and-play. — HPNow, Copenhagen, Denmark