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Greenfield Global completes major capacity expansion for high-purity alcohol

| By Mary Bailey

Greenfield Global Inc. (Toronto, Ont., Canada), a world-renowned manufacturer and distributor of specialty alcohols, solvents, and custom solutions, has successfully completed its 30 million gallon alcohol upgrade at its Johnstown distillery inOntario, increasing the company’s overall production of high-purity alcohol to nearly 70 million gallons per year.  With the expansion project now commissioned and validated, the distillery is exceptionally efficient at producing high-purity alcohol, and has begun to ship both 190 and 200 proof alcohol to customers by tanker trucks and rail cars, as well as to its downstream blending and packaging facilities in the US, Canada and Europe.

“Global demand for our high-purity alcohols in key industries including life sciences, food, flavors and fragrances, personal care, and beverage alcohol has exceeded our production capacity for the past few years,” stated Howard Field, President and CEO, Greenfield Global. “Our 30 million gallon production increase will ensure that we can supply our customers through their growth plans with the highest quality standards for which Greenfield is known. Moreover, considering the critical part we play in hundreds of our customers’ supply chains, the expansion upgrade ensures even greater security of supply across our three high-purity alcohol distilleries – especially at a time when older, less economically viable distilleries in the industry are shuttering.”

Greenfield’s Johnstown distillery upgrades include:

  • An industry-leading, high-efficiency 30-million-gallon beverage and pharmaceutical-grade alcohol distillation systemproviding customers with the purest ethanol commercially available.
  • A state-of-the-art GMP laboratory assuring consistent levels of product quality and controls.
  • Robust railcar and tanker truck load-outs allowing for pure and blended production at the time of filling, and ensuring shipments get to customers as efficiently as possible.      

In concert with Greenfield’s downstream blending and packaging facilities in the U.S., Canada and Europe, the Johnstown high-purity alcohol upgrade will enhance the company’s delivery logistics throughout the United States and Canada, as well as by vessel world-wide.

“Our unique “chain of custody” model allows us to trace the delivery of our alcohol to customers via rail, tanker truck, iso-containers, totes, drums, pails, biobags and more, right back to the load of corn that was delivered to our distilleries which is important to many of our customers.” Field continued. “Greenfield has built a reputation for product quality and consistency, and the Johnstown upgrade will enable us to satisfy the growth of our customers, while adding new customers as well.”

Greenfield extends its thanks to the Government of Ontario for their support of the project through the Ontario Together Fund (OTF) of the Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation, and Trade (MEDJCT). Since its establishment in 2008, Greenfield’s Johnstown distillery has been integral to the economic growth and development of the local community. The upgrade has created 19 full-time jobs, plus many indirect jobs in the Johnstown community, and is a further commitment to Greenfield’s 15+ years of support for the local economy.