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A hand-held scanner device for hazardous areas

| By Chemical Engineering

ecom instruments

ecom instruments

The Ident-Ex 01 for Div. 1 / Zone 1 & 21 (photo) is a powerful, intrinsically safe all-in-one barcode scanner and RFID reader for use in hazardous areas. With its unique modular design, the ultra-rugged Bluetooth-capable Ident-Ex 01 can be specifically configured to a customer’s needs, and can be operated with just one hand. The changeable head modules — RFID, 1-D or 2-D barcode — allow users to read a wide range of RFID tags, as well as 1-D and 2-D barcode types from every angle and different distances from 15 cm and up to 15 m. In combination with GPS-enabled, connected devices, operating material and plant components can be quickly located. Workers can now assign assets more quickly and accurately. Especially in emergency situations, critical assets can be located more quickly, in order to swiftly and efficiently identify damage and prevent accidents. — ecom instruments GmbH, Assamstadt, Germany