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Heat recovery saves energy with this compressor setup

| By Mary Page Bailey and Gerald Ondrey

When this company’s heat-recovery components (photo) are installed onto an air compressor, up to 94% of the energy used to compress air is recovered. This recovered energy can be used to heat storage and operating areas or for heating water or oils. For example, the heat can be used for the treatment of drinking water, service water, heating water and process water. The latter is used for industrial washing processes, for example in recycling processes to clean plastic and synthetic materials. Heat-recovery components can be used to recover heat in both oil-injection-cooled and oil-free screw compressors. At the same time, the energy for cooling processes within the compressor is reduced, because the heat generated is conducted away and used elsewhere. The investment in heat-recovery components pays for itself within a few months depending on the application. — BOGE America, Inc., Powder Springs, Ga.