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Chemical Engineering

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Heavy-duty mixers for very viscous materials

| By Mary Page Bailey

Heavy-duty FGM-series mixers (photo) feature a high-torque gear reducer to vigorously agitate heavy viscous materials. With a ring-mount design and two opposing handles, this powerful mixer mounts directly to 5-gal pails up to 12.25-in. wide. A quick-change coupler and shaft design incorporate a shaft pin that locks in place during rotation. Three 9-in., two-blade propellers made from 319 aluminum attach to the 15-in. long shaft with set screws. Powered by a 1-hp totally enclosed, fan-cooled motor that is ready to plug into a standard outlet, the FGM-1T electric mixer operates at a fixed speed of 350 rpm. Additional motor options include fractional horsepower fixed and variable-speed electric versions, as well variable-speed air-powered models. Additional impeller options are also available. The FGM-series mixers are appropriate for mixing viscous materials, such as adhesives and sealants, as well as viscous primers, paints and other commercial coatings. — Indco, New Albany, Ind.