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These high-pressure gages meet a new standard

| By Chemical Engineering

WIKA Alexander Wiegand

WIKA Alexander Wiegand

This company has launched a new generation of high-pressure gages (photo), which are said to be the first instruments of their kind that have been constructed and qualified in accordance with the new DIN 16001 high-pressure standard. The marking in accordance with DIN 16001 certifies to the operator that no hazard will arise from these measuring instruments, even in critical situations. They fulfill standard-defined criteria of the category “S3” (safety pressure gages with solid baffle wall). With the new pressure gages, the operator has a solution matched to each high-pressure application. The model PG23HP-P features scale ranges of up to 6,000 bars and a high indication accuracy of up to 0.6%. Its load cycle stability lies over the requirements of the standard and is even maintained with dynamic pressure profiles. The PG23HP-S version has been designed for lower measuring and accuracy requirements. — WIKA Alexander Wiegand SE & Co. KG, Klingenberg, Germany