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This high-pressure valve is now available in the U.K.

| By Chemical Engineering



This company’s new high-pressure (HP) rotary valve (photo) is now available in the U.K. The valve’s design reduces product degradation and also greatly reduced axial air leakage — up to one-third less air leakage than other standard high-pressure valves is possible. The HP valve is able to run at pressures up to 3.5 barg. The HP valve bodies and the 12-bladed, standard full-end disc rotor are manufactured from 316 stainless steel, while the end covers are made from aluminum in order to reduce wear. The HP rotary valves are available in three sizes: 200, 250 and 300 mm. Standard conveying rates range from 8.3 to 30 L per complete rotor revolution at 100% filling. The standard models are suitable for handling products up to a temperature of 80°C. — DMN–Westinghouse, Noordwijkerhout, the Netherlands